The UNC Alumni Heart Study


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2018 UPDATE: Yes, we are still here and still active! We have new data collection planned and are busily working on design. Also, we are doing data analysis on information we have collected in the past, and keeping up with life changes and health changes for our study members as we hear from them (see below for information on reporting heart disease).

Do you have an Address Change? Question or comment about the Study?
Email us at or
call us any time at (800) 233-5912

** If possible, please include your Study ID Number in your email
(found near your name on address labels and questionnaires)**

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UNC Alumni Heart Study Published Journal Articles

Heart Disease/Stroke 

Do you have a new condition or procedure to report?
Please also complete and return the following HIPPA compliant permission form, required by most medical institutions:
Authorization to Release Medical Information 
to The UNC Alumni Heart Study 

We are seeking Medical Records for the following events: 

Coronary Artery Disease (blocked arteries)
Heart Attack
Angioplasty (PTCA)
Bypass Surgery (CABG)
Heart Catheterization (Angiography)
Stent placement

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